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[K12OSN] Re:K12ltsp wirelss

I can give an initial report on our Middle School k12ltsp laptop cart. It's still in the pre-release to teachers, needs more work, phase.

16 laptops (P300/64MB no hd booting from floppy, orinoco wireless card), cart, wireless HP1200, and US Robotics access point.

The server is dual P3 933/2GB memory/ home directories on another box and 100BT nic.

Applications will be primarily OO and Mozilla to start.

I skimped on the access point and you can feel it. Boot up is embarrassing when all 16 start up, but it evens out once they are logged in (my assistant Kevin and I had about 9 machines pumping through that AP and it felt pretty good.

I'm going to pick up a Cisco 1100 AP next and see how it goes. Besides being a more robust AP the 1100 is supposed to have some neat tricks for adding an additional 1100 and splitting the load between the two.

Once I feel good about the startup I will try it in a couple classes to see how it looks/feels and then roll (ha) to all classes (and report back).

Hi Steve, I did not mean to suck info out of the group, planned to search the archive, BUT since you asked :)

Issue - writing lab for the English department -

Here is my rough design. Cart with a K12ltsp server on it with say 20 - 24 laptops ( screen, boot device, keyboard, pointing device, wireless device, and battery, oh and an access point ) printer on the cart. Roll in the cart, plug in the cat5 from server nic1 to the building network, pass out laptops, open OO and type papers.

Or an access point per English classroom wired back to two k12ltsp servers in a nice safe room with air conditioning.

We have been using SO6 and OO for 1.5 school years and the transition is almost complete and painless. A thin client laptop with OO and mozilla will meet the needs of our English staff.

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