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Re: [K12OSN] Re:K12ltsp wirelss

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 07:07, aust_txv ACCESS-K12 org wrote:
> >>   I need more info on
> >> wireless and k12ltsp.
> > what do you want to do ?
> >
> > /steve
> Hi Steve, I did not mean to suck info out of the group, planned to search 
> the archive, BUT since you asked :)

heh, np.  always talk out loud, coz someone nearby will be thinking the

> Issue - writing lab for the English department -
> Here is my rough design.   Cart with a K12ltsp server on it with say 20 - 
> 24 laptops ( screen, boot device, keyboard, pointing device, wireless 
> device, and battery, oh and an access point ) printer on the cart.  Roll in 
> the cart, plug in the cat5 from server nic1 to the building network, pass 
> out laptops, open OO and type papers.

Using the Laptops as X-Terminals ?  ooooo, 802.11b won't really do
that.  *one* terminal over wireless is okish.. a bit laggy.  two
terminals.. horribly laggy.  20 terminals!!  forget it.  The problem is
channel contention.  That many transceivers will spend more time arguing
than co-operating.

What about installing knoppix on the laptops, and configuring them to
backend to your Server ?  That would work well, since you are not
stuffing heaps of X down an impossibly small gap.

You won't need much of a Server to do this either.  Since you are
talking battery powered - consider the VIA EPIA 5000 as a Server.  It
runs off 12VDC, and has one slot that will take a wireless card. 
500-1000MHz processor, 256M RAM, 20GB laptop HDD.  Julius runs one of
these off 12V I think.  (wassup? J)

I think you are saying you want to go 100% battery-powered..  this will
allow you to use an inkjet printer (laser printers suck heaps of juice)
and an LCD monitor.   However, I would be tempted to connect to the
Server with your *own* laptop, and leave the Server headless.

> Or an access point per English classroom wired back to two k12ltsp servers 
> in a nice safe room with air conditioning.

mmm, yeah too much traffic to stuff X down 802.11b.  Would be ok for you
to admin the Server over X, but not multiple clients.


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