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Re: [K12OSN] K12ltsp Setup for a backup machine?

Joseph Bishay wrote:

What setup of linux should I install on it? I'd like to start gaining experience with the K12ltsp software, so it makes sense to do that - but I don't know what setting to pick. Is it a server, client, k12ltsp server, basic RH, or none of the above?

hey joseph,

if your backup machine is going to serve only as a mirror to your other machines - a 'server' installation should be just fine. You can easily do a 'server' install with your k12 cds.

I'm not sure if you have thought about 'how' your going to do your backups - but let me suggest that you use 'rsync'. Rsync is and excellent tool for backups because it compares the original machine's files with the backup machine's files - and then only copies across the files that are different. Obviously the very first backup is going to be big (coz there are no files on the backup machine yet!!), but after that everything should run super smooth ;-)

not sure if rsync is installed with a 'server' installation but it should be - its becoming an essential tool for 'servers'.

hope this helps ...


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