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Re: [K12OSN] Re:K12ltsp wirelss

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 07:27, Scott Sherrill wrote:
> I can give an initial report on our Middle School k12ltsp laptop 
> cart.  It's still in the pre-release to teachers, needs more work, 
> phase.
> 16 laptops (P300/64MB no hd booting from floppy, orinoco wireless 
> card), cart, wireless HP1200, and US Robotics access point.

that is plenty of CPU/RAM to run knoppix.  Can you get the hard disks
back and install knoppix to the HDD?  A 10gig disk will be plenty. 
Failing this, you could boot knoppix from CD on the Laptops, but you
will have to hack the knoppix CD to properly backend to your Server -
not a simple thing to do.  A knopix HDD install can then easily be
modified, and afterwards simply image the HDD to the other Laptops.

> I skimped on the access point and you can feel it.  Boot up is 
> embarrassing when all 16 start up

That is most likely the limitations of 802.11b rather than the actual
access point.  802.11g might be better but channel contention will still
be rife.

> [....] but it evens out once they are 
> logged in (my assistant Kevin and I had about 9 machines pumping 
> through that AP and it felt pretty good.

You are getting off lightly I would say.

> I'm going to pick up a Cisco 1100 AP next and see how it goes. 
> Besides being a more robust AP the 1100 is supposed to have some neat 
> tricks for adding an additional 1100 and splitting the load between 
> the two.

try 802.11G if you can swing that much money.  owwwch.

remote X-Terminals are not always the answer.


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