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Re: [K12OSN] K12ltsp Setup for a backup machine?

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 03:59, Joseph Bishay wrote:

> I'm just waiting for my server to be built (taking too long!) and I decided to 
> start work on one of the other components of the network; namely, a backup 
> server. I've read the list and now know how I'm going to create a copy of the 
> server's hard drive on this other machine across the network. 

That is the 'manual' way to do it.  Mondo automates the whole process
very nicely.

With Mondo, the system does daily incremental backups automatically.  If
your Server goes up in flames, simply purchase a new one, and re-install
using the ISOs provided by the Mondo backup - voila! total restoration
from cold steel.  Very easy, and very quick.

> The backup 
> machine is a PII with a huge hard drive that will just mirror the servers' 
> drives every other night or so.  My question is this: What setup of linux 
> should I install on it? I'd like to start gaining experience with the K12ltsp 
> software, so it makes sense to do that - but I don't know what setting to pick. 
> Is it a server, client, k12ltsp server, basic RH, or none of the above?

Providing you have 256MB RAM in this box (you will get away with 128MB..
just..), do a "workstation" install.  This will give you all the GUI
tools to admin the box, making life much easier.  The box will also get
it's network settings from your DHCPd, which will allow you to set it a
static IP address and domain name, making use of the "Backup Server"
much simpler.

If RAM is limited, er, get some more RAM.  8-)  RAM is cheap enough, 
and admin'ing a box with no GUI is a right pain, even for those of us
who have some experience.


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