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Re: [K12OSN] Boot error message and server stops loading

I asked abiut this about a week ago and haven't had any responses so I figure it either dropped into a black hole or the person with the answer hasn't checked his/her e-mail lately. So below is my original post hopefully there is an answer out there.

John P. Conlon wrote:

I ave had this happen about 3 times in the last month. Shutting off the server and restarting it seems to clear the error but I'm afraid of this critter growing into a monster in the future. Anyone with any suggestions ?

Here is the error message that appears on the screen:

Code: 0f 0b ee 04 b5 59 26 c0 80 bf 01 01 00 00 20 74 0c 8b 74 24
<07> Kernal Panic: Aiee,  Killing interupt handler!
Interupt handler not syncing

Again any help would be appreaciated

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