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[K12OSN] Re: K12ltsp Setup for a backup machine? (Paul Pianta)


> if your backup machine is going to serve only as a mirror to your other 
> machines - a 'server' installation should be just fine. You can easily 
> do a 'server' install with your k12 cds.

Excellent - that's what I wanted to know. I figure I just need to do a basic 
server install, and turn off the features that are 'server-centric', just 
leaving the basic setup, yes?

> I'm not sure if you have thought about 'how' your going to do your 
> backups - but let me suggest that you use 'rsync'. Rsync is and 
> excellent tool for backups because it compares the original machine's 
> files with the backup machine's files - and then only copies across the 
> files that are different. Obviously the very first backup is going to be 
> big (coz there are no files on the backup machine yet!!), but after that 
> everything should run super smooth  ;-)

Indeed rsync was the method that was jumping to my mind. There was a k12ltsp 
thread before about rsync vs. other methods of backing up and I believe it does 
the job. I'm not too clear on how incremental backups work in terms of 
restoring the data in the case of original hard-drive failure (just happened to 
me so I'm a little sensitive :) so any thoughts would help.

> hope this helps ...
> pantz

Yes thanks,

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