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Re: [K12OSN] Re: K12ltsp Setup for a backup machine? (Paul Pianta)

Joseph Bishay wrote:

I figure I just need to do a basic server install, and turn off the features that are 'server-centric', just leaving the basic setup, yes?

If your comfortable on the command-line - that should be all that you need. Anyway - if it is going to be a machine that sits in a corner and doesn't do anything except mirror your other machines ... you should 'hopefully' never need to touch it - and 'if' you ever do - a couple of rsync commands pointing the other way will restore your data back to your original machines.

I'm not too clear on how incremental backups work in terms of restoring the data in the case of original hard-drive failure (just happened to me so I'm a little sensitive :) so any thoughts would help.

I'm giving advice on what we do at my job for backup - and we dont do incremental backups (its obviously not the most advanced form of backup but it works for us!!). We rsync all data from our machines we want backed up - to individual /home directories on the main backup machine every night - thus giving us mini-mirrors of all vital information on the one machine. We then actually tape-backup the /home directory of the backup machine so we have a fall-back just-in-case.

I haven't yet been burnt by a bad backup system and i am definitely no expert - but if it works - and you have the disk space - this system works in a cron-job and i haven't touched it for 9 months :-)

let me know if you need some help with the rsync command - can be a bit tricky ...


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