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Re: [K12OSN] Re: K12ltsp Setup for a backup machine? (Paul Pianta)

Joseph Bishay wrote:
Indeed rsync was the method that was jumping to my mind. There was a k12ltsp thread before about rsync vs. other methods of backing up and I believe it does the job. I'm not too clear on how incremental backups work in terms of restoring the data in the case of original hard-drive failure (just happened to me so I'm a little sensitive :) so any thoughts would help.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'll mention that this is exactly what rdiff-backup tries to address, i.e. mirroring like rsync, but also providing an arbitrary number of incrementals.

<ron popeil>
It uses the rsync algorithm via librsync, can tunnel thru SSH using RSA/DSA keys for unattended backups, and is quite space-efficient since it just keeps reverse diffs against your current mirror. On one of our file servers, we've got ~10 GB in /home, plus 1.2 GB for _6 months_ of nightly incrementals of /home. It slices, it dices. OK, I'm done now. Did I mention that I really like rdiff-backup?
</ron popeil>

-Dan Young
-Parkrose School District

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