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Re: [K12OSN] Re:K12ltsp wirelss

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 09:13, Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
> Steve,
> 	I concur that 20 clients over 811b is counterproductive. On the
> other hand via epia 5000 makes a very weak server. if serious about it,
> i'd go 1GB (this is the max afaik). via epai 5000 runs great on car
> battery and is plenty fast for one user (me). i popped 256MB into it with
> a 40GB laptop drive. lcd uses more power as epia 5000 doesn't have dvi
> interface.
> 	another way is using 811g or a, or using multiple access points
> covering different channels.
> 	you can run knoppix or damnsmalllinux from cd as well, and as long
> as you run only Xserver on the laptop, speed is acceptable.
> 	the way i see it, the least cost wireless setup here might be 2 or
> 3 servers, each set to be an access point (brief description, Steve?)
> covering one channel and X run on laptops to connect to servers. Nice
> project, love the idea. julius


re: EPIA 5000

not a good K12LTSP Server - I agree.  But for a little box exporting
/home and running a printer for a bunch of not-so-thin clients it would
be dandy, especially if a 12VDC Power supply is required.

Which LCD do you use in the Car, and how do you power it ?

Ok DSL..  downloading now..  Looks neat.

The idea of multiple APs or using 'g' instead has merit.  It just seems
to me there might be a different approach which works with standard
802.11b which or course is dead cheap.


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