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[K12OSN] More on SME Server, Apt, LDAP

Sorry, been away for awhile.

I'll just dive in here.

We've been using E-Smith (SME Server) for years, and have contributed abit in the past.

We have successfully setup and use apt repositories for SME server, 5.5, 5.6 and will soon be setting one up for 6.0. We have RPM's created for both of the 5.X series. I would be interested in speaking with any who might be interested in this as perhaps a project, or a piece of one. To this pojnt we have only been using this for our own customers and keeping them up to date, which seems to be even more needed these days with openSSH and the like.

I have essentially removed myself from the SME Dev community because of the constant, bickering and inability to get along with itself, and the e-smith developers (IMHO). Although the product itself remains outstanding.


One of our developers has this down pat and I wouldn't imagine couldn't get it working fully on SME. Again, anybody interested in a project . . . just let me know.

We make our livings with the help of the open source community and are always looking for ways to give back.

email is

Thank you


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