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[K12OSN] yum/apt-get/rpm family deaths

I have two k12 v3.0.1 boxes that have problems with yum, apt-get, and
rpm since recent updates. One box is at home where the problem cropped
up when I used it test updates after problems appeared on one of the
boxes at work.

rpm appears to be corrupted in different ways on both. The box at home
segfaults when running rpm in any way except to search on installed
packages. I cannot install, upgrade, freshen, or delete anything via
rpm. Obviously apt-get and yum can't do anything about it either.

On our squid box at work the rpm database is hosed - there's nothing in
it. rpm -q {any_package] says the package isn't installed. According to
the rpm db the kernel isn't even installed on this machine. rpm
--rebuilddb does nothing to fix the problem either. I noticed on this
box that the apt-get sources had changed dropping k12 from the list. I
figured I could put the original package back on, get the sources file,
and then do the upgrade again and manually fix the sources file. WRONG.
I removed the new apt-get from the system and then found that the
apt-get from the CD will not install because of missing dependencies -
things as mundane as bash and ldconfig. I wonder if this isn't related
to the hosed rpm database. But why would removing the upgraded apt-get
package have hosed the db?

I manually upgraded the home box using either yum or apt-get. I don't
remember which for sure as I have used both at times since I thought
both were safe and effective. I know the squid box was getting nightly
updates via yum because I failed to turn them off.

Anybody have any ideas what I can do to fix these - especially the work
box. I can always wipe my box at home but our squid box is kind of

What are the "proper" apt-get and yum package versions that should be on
a k12 v3.0.x box? I have searched through several sources and cannot
even find the version of apt that is presently installed on my home

Mike Rambo
mrambo lsd k12 mi us

NOTE: In order to control energy costs the light at the end 
of the tunnel has been shut off until further notice...

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