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Re: [K12OSN] K12ltsp Setup for a backup machine?

On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 14:46, Dan Young wrote:

> I'm just waiting for my server to be built (taking too long!) and I decided to 
> start work on one of the other components of the network; namely, a backup 
> server. I've read the list and now know how I'm going to create a copy of the 
> server's hard drive on this other machine across the network. The backup 
> machine is a PII with a huge hard drive that will just mirror the servers' 
> drives every other night or so.

I recently installed a new backup system using external hard drives.

I took an old AMD350 machine, installed an Adaptec USB2 card and mounted
five 80GB hard drives in IDE to USB external enclosures. I wrote a
script to backup the LTSP/SMB server and two NT servers. Rsync is used
for the Linux box and I mount and simply copy the data from the NT
boxes. The script sends email with backup totals for each box upon

I'm using this to do a complete backup of these three servers every
weeknight. It's currently running about 11GB per night.

This works out to be far less expensive than buying yet another tape
backup system. I'm much more confident about being able to restore
critical data using hard drives over tape. With this system, I can bring
a backup hard drive to any Linux box and retrieve the data. I've never
had much success restoring tapes (DDS2, DDS4) made on different drives.

The main problem is that I lose NTFS permissions on files from the
Windows boxes. Is there any solution for this?

george kocke <webmaster vol org>

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