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Re: [K12OSN] saving open office files to diskette

Andrea Baker <abaker lex2 k12 sc us>:

> My colleague (we are two media specialists) and I are setting up a
> k12ltsp lab in our media center (with a lot of help from a LUG friend).
> We have a server and two terminals right now (plan to put approx. 10
> additional machines on the network next month). We have the RedHat OS,
> but are stymied about how students are to save to diskette. I have
> googled a search and keep getting hits having to do with "mount," but
> that is about as clear as mud at this point. Are there any links for
> laypeople you are aware of that can point us in the right direction? If
> we need to ask for configuration help from our fantastic ColaLUG group
> that is okay too. We are pretty excited about the prospects of students
> and teachers having access to dual platforms, but since we are educators
> and not programmers the 'ole learning curve is rather steep!!
> TIA,
> Andrea Baker
> Airport High School
> West Columbia, SC

To enable floppy disk access on your workstation you need to include  
RCFILE_01 = floppyd    statement in your lts.conf file. The lts.conf file can be
found in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/  Use the Mac address of your workstation to
identify it in the lts.config file inserting the mac address between the square
brackets as shown in the example below, you will find other examples given in
the lts.conf file itself. BTW this is a working section from my own lts.conf file. 
(you can get the mac address from the workstation screen as it is booting, or
look in /var/log/messages on the sever after the workstation has booted up it
will be somewhere in the last few lines of messages).

#Workstaion name or number 
	XSERVER            = auto
	LOCAL_APPS         = N
	USE_NFS_SWAP       = N
        SWAPFILE_SIZE      = 64m
        RUNLEVEL           = 5
	RCFILE_01          = floppyd
	X_MOUSE_DEVICE      = "/dev/psaux"
	X_ZAxisMapping      = "4 5"
	XkbLayout	    = "uk"

When you log onto a workstation as a user you should see a Floppy icon on the
desktop which you can use to start MtoolsFM. 
As far as I am aware you can only mount a floppy if you are logged on as root
which would then give you access to the floppy drive on the server not the
workstation. This being the case your users will first have to save there files
to the /home on the server and then use MtoolsFM to move them to a floppy.

This works for us but there may well be other way.


Peter Deakin
ICT Coordinator Trinity School
Stalybridge UK


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