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Re: [K12OSN] change runlevel in lts.conf doesn't !

On Tue, 7 Oct 2003 jam mcquil com wrote:
>Duane Wilson installed the newer sound package and it is
>correctly launching nasd, so that part is fixed.


>BUT, when he logs into Icewm and launches an Xterm it doesn't
>show LD_PRELOAD being set.


>This indicates that the /etc/profile.d/ltsp-esound.sh is not
>being run.

Not necessarily, there are a number of conditionals in that
script. But in this case...

>if he runs:   . /etc/profile.d/ltsp-esound.sh
>then LD_PRELOAD is set properly.

Okay, ditch the previous statement, the script is obviously not

>I'm not sure what is supposed to make the ltsp-esound.sh run
>by default.  I looked at /etc/profile, and it is there, and
>includes the logic to run all *.sh scripts in /etc/profile.d
>SO, i'm guessing that /etc/profile isn't being run.

That is my guess as well, but I'm not able to repeat this. At least
in Fedora b2 /etc/profile is ran when IceWM is started from either

I'll test it on a 3.1.2 box tomorrow at work.

>I modified his /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/Icewm script
>to do:  . /etc/profile.d/ltsp-esound.sh
>When I did this, and he logs in, it works.  He gets sound in
>the flash player and he's happy.


>He's still having a problem with the flash player locking up
>on the Jammin-125, but I think that's a different issue.
>His i810 workstation appears to be working great, as long
>as the line is in the Icewm session script.
>So, do you know at what point the profile scripts are supposed
>to run ?

GDM uses a wrapper script:

	$ cat /usr/bin/gdm
	# A script so that
	#    1) we read the standard system env vars
	#    2) syadmins/integrators can add their own private options etc...
	test -f /etc/profile && . /etc/profile
	exec /usr/bin/gdm-binary "$@"
	# fallback, use PATH
	exec gdm-binary "$@"

I'm not sure how KDM does it. My quick grep revealed no clues.

But it's late & I'm tired, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow...


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