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RE: [K12OSN] 300+ ISA NICz Solved by Timothy...


I have a 3c509 card thats plug-n-play. Etherboot and
ltsp works with no problem in pnp mode. In windows,
its addr is 310 (i think). This is not what etherboot
saw the nic as. It saw the nic on addr 280. Once
etherboot handed over control to linux, linux gave it
an addr of 280 too! And ltsp works fine with the nic
in pnp mode. I am not sure all pnp cards will work in
pnp mode. I was lucky that when the 3c509 dirver
probes the system, one of the addrs was 280 and I only
had to specify the driver in dhcpd.conf. To get other
pnp cards to work you might have to know what io the
card is going to pick (by looking at etherboot) and
put it in your dhcpd.conf file along with the driver

Sorry about the ramble. I hope it helps someone.


--- Timothy Legge <tlegge rogers com> wrote:
> > This DID indeed work.... i now have the task of
> going round to all
> 300+
> > Computers with a BootBisk to run the Setup166.exe
> to turn off the
> > Plug-and-Play option....
> You're welcome.  Etherboot has some support for
> ISAPNP but it only works
> for the 3c515 right now.  Does Linux recognize them
> without disabling
> isapnp?  I don't have any of those SMC nics or I
> would take a look at
> making them work with the ISAPNP code.  
> Tim 
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