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[K12OSN] Thick Client update

Hey guys (and gals),

Wanted to drop a line and thank you all for the starting push, its really gotten us onto the right track. We got a thin client booting today up to the xserver but we can’t get a screen to init. It gives us an error something to the effect of “no screens present” so we are wondering about that one. The nic detector boot disk on k12os.org has been a life saver and we are going to try and use that code to code a CD-rom to hard drive boot disk that loads the appropriate image to the hard drive this should make it a snap to install new clients we wouldn’t have to do jack. I’ll get the exact error message up for you to hopefully diagnose the issue until then, thanks again for all the help its really a relief to see that the Linux community doesn’t just exist of RTFM and leave me alone types. (we do read the manual, I promise ;) )



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