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Re: [K12OSN] cups-lpd not accepting requests from remote systems

Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

Dear Folks,
	I have done a new install on a server placed in a very remote
location. Because of network problems i can't print directly to jet-direct
queues on it, so i tried to use lpd. the requests don't even get spooled
on the server. this is the first time i used cups. cups-lpd is sitting
nicely in xinet.d. what do i need to do to get the remote printing to
work. the folks at the remote site are preparing en effigy of me as i
write. they are doing it so that they'll know how to hang me quickly when
i show up there .... julius

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If i understand well, your dumping cups for lpd. You need to run redhat-switch-printer (available on rpmfind.net).
Check that the lpd file in xinet.d states disabled = no.
When you make changes, dont forget to restart the lpd server.

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