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Re: [K12OSN] cups-lpd not accepting requests from remote systems

So, you've got lprng installed; can you print even just plain text files to the printer(s)? My point is to verify that the box is properly communicating with the printer.


Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Guy Lessard wrote:

If i understand well, your dumping cups for lpd. You need to run
redhat-switch-printer (available on rpmfind.net).
Check that the lpd file in xinet.d states disabled = no.
When you make changes, dont forget to restart the lpd server.

Guy, i removed cups and installed lprng. there is *no* lpd file in xinetd.d, and i don't even know how it should look like. lpd is enabled in services and says everything is hunky-dory on restart. This is really bad. I am open to advice on how to make cups push a file with control codes (not ps r strict text) to the printers - i tried all the sane settings under printtool, but the files get rejected as bad. julius

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