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Re: [K12OSN] cups-lpd not accepting requests from remote systems

Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Guy Lessard wrote:

If i understand well, your dumping cups for lpd. You need to run
redhat-switch-printer (available on rpmfind.net).
Check that the lpd file in xinet.d states disabled = no.
When you make changes, dont forget to restart the lpd server.

	i removed cups and installed lprng. there is *no* lpd file in
xinetd.d, and i don't even know how it should look like. lpd is enabled in
services and says everything is hunky-dory on restart. This is really bad.
I am open to advice on how to make cups push a file with control codes
(not ps r strict text) to the printers - i tried all the sane settings
under printtool, but the files get rejected as bad. julius

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Well if there is no lpd or lpr file in the xinet.d folder then lprng is not under the control of xinetd, so much for that.
In the printer config gui, is there a page test button?
can u nmap the server from a linux box (other than the terminals) to see if the lpr port is open? (www.grc.com could be used from a windows box i guess).

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