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Re: [K12OSN] Help! Major LDAP breakage....

David Trask wrote:

Given worst case....is it possible to leave the home dirs right where they
are...delete the ldap database...(not sure how) and then reload all the
users from scratch and as a result have their home dirs intact?  Assuming
I add the same users?  How can i most easily delete all my users without
deleting home dirs...if this is possible.

Absolutely. Deal with this at the ldap server and ldap entry level, not adding or deleting posix accounts. All we have to do is reconstruct the ldap directory contents and all will be back to normal. There is no need to touch the home directories.

The entire directory can be emptied by stopping the ldap service, deleting the files under /var/lib/ldap, and starting the ldap service.
But be sure you actually have a copy of all those files first, and if using slapcat to get an ldif export of what you can that needs to be done before deleting the files too.


Chris Johnson, RHCE #807000448202021

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