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Re: [K12OSN] top, w, who - Incorrect reporting

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 00:16, Martin Stevens wrote:
> > ooooh, (licks lips) you have two of these kewl new hyper-wotsit CPUs
> > that look like two CPUs..   two times two equals four!   8->
> > 
> Yup and they are quiet nice, they are taking an absolute hammering from
> all the clients, I did have a look on the Intel website after sending
> the mail, and yup it seems we have hyperthreading. Now I want a 4 way so
> I can see eight processors :-)

SNORT!  you bought hyperthreading processors by mistake !!  /me quietly

oh the luxury of a mistake like that..

> Righty'o now gonna be looking at getting LOCAL_APPS working for
> hopefully mozilla and Open Office, as these two apps really kill the
> server when everyone logs in at once.

I am looking forward to seeing this on list.  It looks to be a good


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