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[K12OSN] autodetecting etherboot CD was: Thick Client update

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 03:16, Paul Pianta wrote:
> Tim Thorpe wrote:
> > The nic detector boot disk on k12os.org has been a life saver
> >
> hi tim
> could you paste the link for this download? i have been searching for 
> this little gem and haven't been able to find it.

hmmm, this would be a useful toy, I mean tool.  So I am thinking about
rebuilding the detector onto a CD, complete with all the etherboot
images ready to rock.

http://rom-o-matic.org/5.0.11 lists different /types/ of etherboot
downloads, viz ;


but none of these seem to be executable from a Linux environment.

question:  How do I boot/reboot the machine from the drbl detector
environment, to the chosen etherboot image ?

I could combine the Detector CD with a blank Floppy, and have the CD run
once-only, write the correct image to a floppy, and remove CD, leave the
floppy, and reboot.  I don't like the idea, since floppies are no
cheaper than CDs, and not as reliable.



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