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[K12OSN] Upgrade Advice Needed (please)


I had thought that maybe the crossover plugin might be the answer for
sites that use java / flash / shockwave.
Codeweavers provided us with a full version for testing purposes and
evaluation. At this point I'm not sure it will work well enough in a
terminal server environment to warrant the expenditure.

What does it take to run 20 terminals per server and these shockwave
flash activities?

Here are a few representative examples of sites the teachers would like
to use.

Here is what I am testing on -

    Dell PowerEdge 2500
    Dual 933Mhz
    3 GB Ram
    Hardware Raid 5
    100 Mb nics
    Amer.com sr22i 10/100 managed switch

Running top

CPU - 0 and 1 hover between 45 and 55% utilization on User and System
Memory 1 GB remains free (btw I have never seen top reveal swap usage)

I am thinking maybe it is a network bottleneck

I ran sar but I'm not sure what to look for.

We can afford to add another gig or two of Ram to each server or 
add gigabit nics to the servers and gigabit modules to the switches but
not both.

Have been thinking about adding the ram and then bonding two nics

Any advice most welcome.


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