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RE: [K12OSN] auto detecting ether boot CD was: Thick Client update

Hi Steve, 
That is a really good question, I have no clue, I hate the O part of ROM
(only) what exactly changes from image to image? Could you hack them apart
put everything but the change in the boot sequence, detect in the boot the
nic load that in memory and use the correct files / code / settings to use
for the detected nic?

All of our terminals have hard drives so we were planning to write the
software, detect the nic and write the image to the HD in one swoop. Maybe
we need to take a hard look at what knoppix does.

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Subject: [K12OSN] autodetecting etherboot CD was: Thick Client update

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 03:16, Paul Pianta wrote:
> Tim Thorpe wrote:
> > The nic detector boot disk on k12os.org has been a life saver
> >
> hi tim
> could you paste the link for this download? i have been searching for 
> this little gem and haven't been able to find it.

hmmm, this would be a useful toy, I mean tool.  So I am thinking about
rebuilding the detector onto a CD, complete with all the etherboot
images ready to rock.

http://rom-o-matic.org/5.0.11 lists different /types/ of etherboot
downloads, viz ;


but none of these seem to be executable from a Linux environment.

question:  How do I boot/reboot the machine from the drbl detector
environment, to the chosen etherboot image ?

I could combine the Detector CD with a blank Floppy, and have the CD run
once-only, write the correct image to a floppy, and remove CD, leave the
floppy, and reboot.  I don't like the idea, since floppies are no
cheaper than CDs, and not as reliable.



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