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RE: [K12OSN] auto detecting ether boot CD was: Thick Clientupdate

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 14:08, Tim Thorpe wrote:
> Hi Steve, 
> That is a really good question, I have no clue, I hate the O part of ROM
> (only) what exactly changes from image to image? Could you hack them apart
> put everything but the change in the boot sequence, detect in the boot the
> nic load that in memory and use the correct files / code / settings to use
> for the detected nic?
> All of our terminals have hard drives so we were planning to write the
> software, detect the nic and write the image to the HD in one swoop. Maybe
> we need to take a hard look at what knoppix does.

hrm, Tim.. quote properly !  8-)

Yes, hopefully the Gurus on-list have a suggestion.

The problem is, once the Kernel and initrd have loaded, it is rather
difficult to kick them out and reload another.


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