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RE: [K12OSN] Remote Boot with VLAN's

I have not seen a response to this question, yet, so you get my 2 cents.  If all of your VLANs are single, the only way that they can "see" each other is through a router.  If you set the VLAN that your DHCP server is on to be a multiple access VLAN that includes access to the VLAN that your DHCP clients are on you should have no problem.  The time out is because the DHCP client waits for a DHCP response from  DHCP server for a prescribed period of time, then gives up (times out)- just like a web browser contacting a site that is down or doesn't exist.
Hope this helps,
Bob Robnett
Southern Kern Unified School District
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Hi All:

We have a network with multiple VLAN’s the DHCP server is running on one of the VLAN’s, the machines in other connected VLAN’s are getting the IP from this DHCP  Server. Now if I put a Remote boot client with PXE boot rom. It doesn’t get and contact the DHCP server at all. And it times out.

Can someone help me.



Rajesh Divakaran


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