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RE: [K12OSN] Authentication via Win2K domain?

After looking at Samba's website, I have concluded that you must be dowloading ver 3.0.0?  It appears that they have made some major improvements, such as NET commands, and  I han't had a chance to play with it.
You could download version 2.2.8a...
I'll take a look at version 3 and write up a walkthu on that here in the next few days.
Hope this helps....
Micah F. Hale
Ingleside Independent School District

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	Subject: RE: [K12OSN] Authentication via Win2K domain?
	I'd like to thank everyone for their responses.  This howto has been particularly helpful in getting this process worked out in my mind.
	Unfortunately, I'm having a problem joining the ltsp server to the Win2K domain. When I run the command listed in the howto (#8), the server returns: "See 'net join' for this functionality." 
	If someone could point out where this "net join" lives so that I COULD go "see" it, I'd much appreciate it!!
	- Jon

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		I wrote a howto a while back to help another school do the same thing.
		Good Luck!
		Micah F. Hale
		Ingleside ISD Tech Dept.
		micahfhale inglesideisd org

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			From: Dan Young [mailto:dan_young parkrose k12 or us] 
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			Subject: Re: [K12OSN] Authentication via Win2K domain?

			On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 11:19, Jonathan White wrote:
			> Good Afternoon!
			> I am in the process of installing a small (10 terminal 1 server) K12LTSP lab
			> in our middle school. Currently all of our students have login id's on the
			> middle school's main Win 2K domain controller, and I am wondering if there's
			> a way to use the Win2K login's for the K12LTSP server?
			winbind is part of the Samba project.
			-Dan Young
			-Parkrose School District
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