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[K12OSN] K12LTSP 4.0beta3

I lost the hard drive in my home box :-(  While waiting for the backup
restore to finish, I hacked out a new beta build of K12LTSP 4.0.

If you were afraid to try the last build, be even more fearful of 
this one. Definitely not production safe!

This is built on Fedora Core beta 2, plus all of the latest updates
out of rawhide. I started work on cleaning up the K12LTSP-specific
packages to match the changes in Fedora Core, but there is still
much to do. Here's a couple of the items I can remember off the top
of my head:

* /etc/skel/  entries need to be changed so new users do not get a
  "your desktop has been migrated" message

* IceWM & Reset Your Desktop sessions need to be moved to the new
  location and format that GDM/KDM now share

* OpenOffice.org 1.1.0 is included, but only shows up in a user's
  menus after they have run OpenOffice.org. Interesting catch 22 ;-)

Nothing deadly, just annoying...


  rsync -Pav k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us::K12LTSP-beta/4.0beta/ .


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