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[K12OSN] Editing Gnome menus


     After a bit of searching, I was able to find the sources that I used.  Below is from http://people.ecsc.co.uk/%7Ematt/repository.html. This was linked from http://www.wse.jhu.edu/newtnotes/main_file.php/sysadmin/55/.

Menu-editing in RedHat 9

    * To enable menu editing per user config (via nautilus), you need to open a terminal and do the following:

      su -
      <give root password>
      cd /etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules
      cp default-modules.conf default-modules.conf-no-menu-editing
      cp default-modules.conf.with-menu-editing default-modules.conf

      For any user you want to have the right to edit their menu, you also need to do this as the user:

      cd ~/.gnome2/vfolders
      cp /etc/X11/desktop-menus/applications.menu applications.vfolder-info
    * When gnome-panel is restarted (via logout/login or kill) the user will be able to see the changes they have made to their menu.

After, I did the following, I opened a Nautilus window and issued a URL of "applications:///"  I edit my menu in the window and saved it.  This worked quite nicely.

Let me know how you make out.


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