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Re: [K12OSN] top, w, who - Incorrect reporting

On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 00:44, Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
> On 9 Oct 2003, Steve Wright wrote:
> > agree.  oo/moz and their more demanding counterparts pale into
> > insignificance compared to big java and SWF web-apps though.
> >
> > Is there such a thing as 'a decent server' to push 20-30 terminals
> > running a heavy java app in a browser ?
> >
> > *one* java app immediately claims 90% of my diminuative processor time,
> > if it wasn't for verynice slapping it on the ear.
> >
> > anyway, this is talk on the cereal-box until someone tries it.  What
> > happens of some of our larger networks if 20 terminals load-up a java
> > game ?
> Steve,
> 	unfortunately, despite all the hype, Java sucks. Poorly written
> Java apps are the worst - not only they use a lot of processor time, but
> they also grab tons of memory they never seem to release. If your java
> game takes over the system, disable it ;-)
> 	That said, a"decent" processor for 30 heavy Java users would be a
> quad Xeon 3GHz or better with 4GB memory. Notice that I'm going low on
> memory - large memory kernel seems to introduce its own problems and
> slowdowns. I'll retest that assumption with new kernel on K12 4.0. julius

It may be then, that a quad 3GHz xeon + 4G RAM is a usable server

Should the Terminals be 900+MHz / 128M RAM, It may also be that local
apps is a solution.

The advantage we have with Linux, is that we may manipulate the software
and simply choose one of the above solutions - sometimes based on
convenience, if we can afford it, and sometimes based on price.

I have not seen a lot of discussion here on 'local apps', probably
because many choose the former option, because they can.  Which is very
nice of course.  8-)

K12LTSP should, IMO, always be able to boot a 486DX sh*tbox into a
usable terminal, but the higher-end terminal equipment is becoming more
common, and the expectations of K12LTSP (viz current example) are

discussion trails off.....


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