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RE: [K12OSN] proper way to quote on mailing list?

On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 07:38, Tim Thorpe wrote:

> > > Hi Steve,
> > > What's the proper way to quote here? I think I get it but I'm not sure [...]
> > 
> > Julius blathered:
> > Tim, the quote police seem to be more comfy with quote first answer at the
> > bottom or interspersed in the quoted text.

troll.. ignore..  8-))

> [Tim Thorpe] 
> Really? I like it the other way round, because I read the oldest first in
> this group its like reading the same thing over and over or annoying to find
> the new text...;)  [...]

Hey Tim,

see example above.  Notice how the conversation flows..

trim irrelevant/chat, replace with [....]

quote only the relevant sections, or as you observe, the thread is
inconvenient to read.  HTML posts are used sparingly, or when required. 
Many lists will simply bounce an HTML post.

basically, the idea is to move a discussion /forward/.  Just one top
posting requires a re-shuffle of the email, or loss of its' flow.

oh, and give Julius plenty of lip too..  8-))


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