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Re: [K12OSN] top, w, who - Incorrect reporting

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 19:45, Steve Wright wrote:

> It may be then, that a quad 3GHz xeon + 4G RAM is a usable server
> solution.
> Should the Terminals be 900+MHz / 128M RAM, It may also be that local
> apps is a solution.

Yup we have a variety of machines that are from 333Mhz to 900Mhz,

So having the option would be nice

> The advantage we have with Linux, is that we may manipulate the software
> and simply choose one of the above solutions - sometimes based on
> convenience, if we can afford it, and sometimes based on price.

Choice is always a good thing :-)

> I have not seen a lot of discussion here on 'local apps', probably
> because many choose the former option, because they can.  Which is very
> nice of course.  8-)

So with 'local apps', On our test K12 server I've downloaded the
local_apps rpm and the local_netscape rpm, however there looks like
there is already a k12 specific local_apps rpm installed already, but I
can't find any trace of a k12 specific netscape or mozilla, so has any
one managed to get local apps running on a k12 server ?

It looks like the nis stuff is all set up by default and the workstation
picks up nis, ltsp is the domain. 

So what would the next steps be, for lets say mozilla.......

'In a dream world of his own.....'

Martin Stevens

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