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RE: [K12OSN] Permission Denied


I had a similar error message when setting up my nfs'ed homes and nis at school 3 months ago. Have you made any changes to your hosts.deny/allow files, or nfs mount settings? I wish that I could remember more, but I'll rack my grey matter over this...


I have been trying to log in as one of my 1,400 users
and I come up with this error.

Please contact your system administrator to resolve
the following problem:

Could not open or create the file
"/home/jwaters/.gconf-test-locking-file"; this
indicates that there may be a problem with your
configuration, as many programs will need to create
files in your home directory.
The error was "Permission denied" (errno = 13).

I need to get these people onto the system, I have
over 40 thin clients and over 1,400 users who cann't
log onto the system.  Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you for your help.


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