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Re: [K12OSN] New servers

On Sat, 2003-10-11 at 10:32, Jack wrote:
> Looks like our pricipals want to upgrade to "state of the art."  If they
> only "really" knew what is in place now!  I think I've spoiled them. 
I'm curious.  What do they consider "state-of-the-art?" Not Brand W? 
What have you spoiled them with?  Obviously K12LTSP, but with what

>  Anybody using the AMD Athlon 64 bit with ltsp yet? I am just browsing
> through Penguincomputings site working out ideas.  I am going for the
> Xeons but I am really just curious. 

On the AMD64 stuff.  I would imagine the immediate advantage is if
you're looking to have more than 4 gigs RAM/CPU and plan on running a
64-bit enterprise version of Linux.  I think the potential is there to
be able to serve hundreds of thin clients, especially if home
directories and database apps sit on other servers.  The bottleneck
might be the NIC.  Maybe a gigabit NIC on the server would help.  I'd be
interested to see what the list has to say.

Jim Anderson


"Forward in all directions!"

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