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Re: [K12OSN] Workstation too slow

Those 486's--are they running Intel EEPro 100's as well?  If they're running 10Mb cards, then performance will suffer some, but it should still be usable.  Reason I ask:  there were a few 486 motherboards made w/ PCI slots, but not many--they were more often ISA with the VESA Local Bus extension (I know, I'm dating myself here).

Also, I recommend replacing that hub with a full-duplexing switch.  You'll get much better throughput because you'll eliminate collisions.  I tried K12LTSP on a hub, and performance was abysmal--virtually unusable.  When I went to a full-duplexing switch, the difference was very marked.

Finally, what I would do is add some DRAM to those workstations and not do NFS swapping.  Those 32MB Pentium-233's should be fine as is--we use nearly identical machines in my lab (only difference is mine use 3C905 NICs).  As for the 486's, I'd try to add some DRAM to make them at least 16MB, and I'd go for 32MB if at all possible.  Memory is, fortunately, cheap these days.


On Sat, 2003-10-11 at 19:46, Web Support wrote:

I just want this forum opinion about my case.

I have 1 server (K12LTSP) and 10 workstation. The configuration are :

- ATI Hub 16 ports

- Server :
  AMD Thunderbird 1.13 Ghz
  SDRAM 512 MB
  NVidia TNT VAnta
  2 of SMC Card (RTL-8139C)
  4.3 GB Seagate Hard Drive

- Workstation :
  486 DX-100 = 3 units | Pentium 100 = 2 units | 
  Pentium 233 MMX = 3 units | AMD K6-2 75 Mhz = 2 units |
  RAM beetwen 8 MB to 32 MB
  S3 Trio64+
  Intel EEPRO-100

My problem is that on 9 workstation need to have swapfile to run level 5 ( i use 48 MB swap on lts.conf) but still the process to open application like terminal or Mozilla is too slow, even on Pentium 233 MMX using 32 MB RAM.

But strange that on one workstation using DELL Optiplex (Pentium 100 and 16 MB RAM) i don't need to use swap and the process is fast like i do it on server. Maybe someone on this forum can give the best configuration about using above hardware, please do so.  

FYI, on dhcpd.conf i only change the MAC Addresses and IP, and on lts.conf i use :

XSERVER            = XF86_S3
LOCAL_APPS         = N
USE_NFS_SWAP       = Y
SWAPFILE_SIZE      = 48m
RUNLEVEL           = 5

except for workstation using DELL Optiplex, i did not configure anything on lts.conf.

HELP!!  Please!


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