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Re: [K12OSN] pcmcia

I have a laptop that uses a PCMCIA plug in NIC with RH9. I just plug the NIC and its cat 5 cable in and RH9 starts in the order you have listed but once the PCMCIA service has started it picks up the NIC and starts it. On my laptop I get two beeps when PCMCIA starts and a little later I get a single beep when the NIC is started. You might check and see if this is happening on your machine

Peter Smit wrote:

I now this is the wrong list to ask to !....

But i didn't found it on the net,

I have a laptop with RH9 from the k12ltsps cd's installed and got the
following problem :

When the laptop boots it wants to start first eth0 an a few seconds
later the pcmcia!

I need to have the pcmcia started first and then eth0.

Does anyone have some idea's how I can change this?

Thanx in advance,

Peter Smit

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