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Re: [K12OSN] Workstation too slow

Jonathan, you beat me to it!  :-)

I ran into kernel panics on a box just this weekend.  Found out it was--yep, bad DRAM.  Windows 95 liked it, but neither Windows NT nor GNU/Linux did.  I'm guessing any of the following:  bad memory, dust in the SIMM slots, or the SIMMS didn't quite get fully seated.

As for the bad performance once things are up, there are two additional things I can think of. 

1.)  Some of these thin clients might be auto-negotiating to 10Mbps half-duplex instead of 100Mbps/Full.  That's the only time I've seen anything like what you're describing.  Can you log into that switch and take a look at the ports for us?

2.)  Some of those NICs may be starting to go bad.  They're not completely dead yet, but they're on their way.  I've had this happen several times with older 3Com cards, where they're either spewing out bad packets or just not transmitting/receiving sporadically.  In the first case, you'll get dog-slow performance because the bad packets are flooding the port into which you're plugged, and "good" traffic will have to compete with it.  It's essentially a mini broadcast storm.  The second case is a bit more obvious; assuming you can get to a command prompt and do a ping, you'll notice pings getting dropped.  Either way, you should see CRC errors on the switch port when you log on to it and look at the port stats.


On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 10:03, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:
Sounds like there might be a motherboard problem or an issue with the
existing memory.  Try to upgrade to 16MB and remove the RAM that's there.
Also, you might try swapping the graphics card with a known good one.

Just because it works for another operating system, doesn't mean it's good
hardware.  Different drivers use different parts of the hardware and in
different ways.


On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Web Support wrote:

> OK, here is my trial and error on my problem :
> Step 1 :
> - Shutdown the screensaver and using GDM
> - At lts.conf, all swap answer is "N" for all workstation
> Result 1 :
> - All workstation have the K12LTSP login screen
> - On nine workstation that have 8 MB RAM, everytime i try to login using
>   each username dan password, take me back to login screen
> - On DELL workstation that have 16 MB RAM, i can login to GNOME or
>   IceWM with sucess.
> Step 2 :
> - All config still the same
> - Try one of workstation that have 8 MB RAM to use crossover cable connection
>    to server
> Result 2 :
> - The problem remain the same, can't login to GNOME or IceWM and take me back
>    to login screen after a few flash screen.
> Step 3 :
> - Replace HUB with my friend EDIMAX's Switch and all config still the same
> Result 3 :
> - The problem still the same but on DELL workstation the performance more better
> Step 4 :
> - Upgrade RAm to 16 MB to all workstation
> Result 4 :
> - 3 workstation have Kernel Panic and the other can login to GNOME but have bad
>   performance
> Step 5 :
> - Still searching and waiting another suggestion from this forum :)
> -- Iwan

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