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[K12OSN] Arrrrgh - can't get past the ¤%¤%¤#¤% grey X-screen with the big X cursor

I'm getting desperate.

Been trying to get LTSP up and running for a while - but I just can't figure out why I can't get past the dreaded grey screen with large X cursor.

I'm booting with PXE and the DHCP and kernel download works perfectly.

I can boot up in runlevel 3 but when I try to go to runlevel 5, the login screen never apears.

I suspect that it is some problem with XDMCP - but can't figure out what...

netstat -ap | grep xdmcp says
udp 6624 0 *:xdmcp *:* 1010/gdm-binary

netstat -anp | grep ":177 " says
udp 6624 0* 1010/gdm-binary

gdmconfig is configured to use XDMCP on port 177

XDM_SERVER points to (which is correct)

X_MODE_0 is set to 800x600

The workstations are mentioned in etc/hosts    Linux    localhost.localdomain    localhost    ws001    ws002

I've tried to connect two different workstations with very different hardware - but the result is the same... grey screen and big cursor.

The server is running RH 8.0

Any help will be most appreciated...


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