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Re: [K12OSN] Compaq deskpro pxe boot

Note: When posting in the future it is nice to have
the model number as well. There are a few deskoros
that have the p5-200mmx cpu in them.

I have a few deskro 2000's that are p5-200mmx and it
does not support pxe boot in bios. Compaq makes their
own bios and puts it in a rompaq so it is proprietary.
It isn't award, phoenix, or ami which you could have
luck putting an etherboot rom in. I think some newer
compaqs do support pxe boot but i don't know for sure.


--- Steve <stevejames66 stevejames66 fsnet co uk>
> Hi
> I've been lurking around and reading some messages,
> however I'm stuck now.
> I'm experimenting with K12ltsp in the hope of being
> able to help out in a
> school in the future.
> I have done some searching but can't find what I'm
> looking for.
> I have an old Compaq Deskpro 200mmx without floppy
> or cdrom any body know
> how I can get this to boot over the lan and or get a
> bios menu I can use to
> change this? If I can do this I can get hold of up
> to 60 of these for 15
> pounds each ( is that good? )
> Any pointers to where I might find this info would
> be great ( I have the
> manual from Compaq but it doesn't mention Linux)
> Kind regards
> Steve James
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