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[K12OSN] Linux Newbie Needs Help

Afternoon Everybody,

My name is Sarah Skuseth and I'm the ISO manager at a small school called
Peach State STARBASE.  We've started a  project here that we hope will
ultimately lead to our conversion over to Linux.  I've been researching and
getting direct assistance from a Linux teacher.  Well, she is out of town
and I am stuck...stuck....stuck.  I'm a Windows gal stuck in an alien world
and need some of the most basic help possible.

We dedicated one (cruddy crappy HP under mandatory SWC purchase) brand new
computer to this endeavor.  
It came bundled with XP.  
I've partitioned off half the hard drive to be dedicated to Linux. 
I've printed out and binded the installation guide for Red Hat Linux 9
I've burned three image disks with the o/s on it.

I attempted to make a boot disk <bootdisk.img> the file was too big to get
on a diskette (file was 1.4mb - disk will only take 1.38 through windows and
through dos).  
I burned a boot disk and XP cuts in and say it doesn't have valid security.

IOW, I'm getting no where fast.

I am missing some really important thing here that's probably so simple I'll
slap myself, but I'll risk the finger pointing and giggles to get this

I'm also live on yahoo messenger as -  simbosally  - should any of you fine
people need some extra good carma and want to hold my hand.


Sarah Skuseth
Peach State STARBASE
Ga. Dept. of Defense

sarah skuseth ga ngb army mil

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