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Re: [K12OSN] Compaq deskpro pxe boot

Hi again
Thanks for the advice
The model no is DP4000N 5200MMX 1600 UK .

So Dan those Intel Pro 100 cards, are they installed in the riser card and
being used instead of the onboard card?
Excuse what might seem daft questions but I'm in over my head with this but
hope to be able to put those machines to good use with K12ltsp.

Kind regards

> Steve said:
> > I have an old Compaq Deskpro 200mmx without floppy or cdrom any body
> > know how I can get this to boot over the lan and or get a bios menu
> > I can use to change this?
> We PXE boot about 30 Deskpro P166 (don't have the model number handy)
> with Intel Pro 100 cards that have bootroms. Just flashed the cards w/
> the latest "boot agent".
> Definitly make sure a representative sample works before you get a
> whole pallet of them. I had rotten luck with the video on simliar
> 200MMXs that we have. Yours might be fine; I might just be lazy. We
> had plenty of other machines that "just worked".
> -Dan Young
> -Parkrose School District
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