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Re: [K12OSN] Image not being read

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Skuseth, Sarah L. wrote:

> Thanks so much fo everyone's help on the boot disk issue.  Rawrite took care
> of making me a good boot disk.  My installation disk WILL NOT boot into
> installation.

not sure I completely understand what you are asking but.  
> I'm trying to install Linux 9 (shrike?) but it's not reading my installation
> disks.  I did run media check and everything came back fine.  I also tried
> copying all the disks to the hard drive I've partioned for linux use, but I
> have _no idea_ how to tell it where to find the files.  I get:
> /dev/hda1
> /dev/hda5
> Directory holding image:
> I have no idea what this file naming convention means.  My files are in d:
> Linux\Installation Files.  When I enter this information it says it can't
> find it.  When it gives me 'other options' then it is asking me to load some
> kind of driver.
when you put in Linux, the installation process partitions your hard
drive.   and it is a pretty hard partition. Linux is on one side and
windoze is on the other.   

MSDOS names  A: B: C: etc
linux names em  hda, (hard disk a) hdb hdc etc for physical hard drives
and adds a number for the partition thus  hda0 hda1 hda2 etc, (linux
starts at 0 while MSDOS starts at 1)

if you loaded you install files on the MSDOS side of the partition, linux
will not be able to find it without special commands, which because it is
not loaded it couldn't run anyway yet.

so you need to put the installation files on the linux partition hda to
get it to load.

> Could someone please direct me to a step-by-step hard drive installation
> process (this includes exactly how to copy the files to the hard drive i.e.
> should it be three separate folders or just one.
> OR, if someone could direct me to download the EASIEST linux installation
> available.

I personally think Red Hat is the easiest to install, for a first time I
suggest getting a Red Hat commercial package from Red Hat or a local
computer store.  put the install CD in your CD and reboot the computer
(make sure your BIOS will install from a CD) and follow the automatic
installation instructions.

hope this helps

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