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Re: [K12OSN] Image not being read

On Wed, 2003-10-15 at 06:39, Skuseth, Sarah L. wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> Thanks so much fo everyone's help on the boot disk issue.  Rawrite took care
> Could someone please direct me to a step-by-step hard drive installation
> process (this includes exactly how to copy the files to the hard drive i.e.
> should it be three separate folders or just one.
> OR, if someone could direct me to download the EASIEST linux installation
> available.
> Thanks,
> Sarah

That's the link to the RH Install Guide.

If you can't boot from CDrom #1 and with a good boot floppy you it can't
read the installation CD then I'd say you have a bad CDrom drive, BUT
you say that your cd's passed the media check which would mean the drive
is working and is a good drive. When you say your installation will not
boot into installation, I'm not sure what that means because you'd have
to be in the install program to get the media check running.

I'm sorry if I didn't read all of this thread so this may have been
already asked... Did you change the CMOS settings to boot from the

Read the guide linked above.

Do the following and tell us where it's not working:

1. Change cmos settings to boot from CDrom
2. Make sure you have a good CDrom burned from good ISO iamges.

3. Boot from CD #1
4. Follow the instructions for installation.
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