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[K12OSN] Different network configuration?

Allo Allo!

Well FINALLY the new server arrived. Thanks again to everyone who helped
me with my questions regarding backups, etc.

I dropped in the k12 CDs, installed the software, created my root, and
logged in.

So far, so good. Except I've got no network cards appearing in RedHat's
network device control panel. Nothing. And this server has 2 network cards
in it:

a) Onboard 3COM (3C940 is the model I believe) gigabit NIC (ASUS p4p800
b) Realtek RTL-8139 EZ SMC 10/100 PCI card

I actually have 2 questions: one I hope is straightforward, the other may
not be.

1) the network in the school is setup so that we have a linux box acting
as a gateway in the basement (connected to the high-speed modem).  It is
configured as and will only accept connections from machines
with IPs 192.168.1.xxx.  It also has a second network card in it for the
rest of the building to access the internet, but will only accept
connections from IPs 192.168.2.xxx with its own address as
This was done several years back to make sure that the administration
(principal, etc) computers couldn't be seen by the computer lab and

We do not have that many computers, so there is no DHCP server running
anywhere. Basically I use my feet and manually put in the network

Now, how would I integrate the k12LTSP server into this setup. I
understand that eth0 (which I would want to be the gigabit card) plugs
into the switch in the lab.  But eth1 is expecting a DHCP machine to
assign it IP, etc. which we don't have. I'd just like to assign eth1 an IP
address that our gateway would recognize, and volia! We're up and running.

but perhaps the problem relates to:

2) No networkcards are found. I've looked in proc/pci and it lists them
correctly.  When I plug them into the switch, I only get an LED showing
the connection is there and running at 100 MB for the realtek. I get
nothing for the onboard NIC. Same with the LEDs on the computer - ok for
PCI, nothing for onboard.

This is rather strange since I know for a fact the realtek card works with
this installation as I did a test run on another (old) machine with the
same network card and it performs flawlessly. Can't do the same with the
gigabit obviously, but now neither one is showing up.

Not sure what to do,so if anyone has any pointers I can follow, would
be most appreciated.

BTW, during installation of K12ltsp (downloaded about 3 weeks ago) it
never asked me for network configuration info (as shown on
http://k12ltsp.org/install.html). Is that part of the problem,or a symptom
of the lack of network cards.

Thanks very much,

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