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[K12OSN] Help with Compaq ML330 G3 install

I've installed K12LTSP before and never had any issues, but this is my first 
attempt with a new box.  In fact it is working quite well in our mini-labs today.

I'm trying to install K12LTSP 3.1.1 on a new Compaq ML330 G3, but the installation 
doesn't recognize that any drives are installed.  The box has two 80gig Maxtor 
drives and uses CSB-6 Ultra ATA-100 RAID controller configured as RAID 0.  I don't 
see this controller in the list of available drivers when running the K12LTSP 
install.  HP has a Red Hat Pro 8.0 driver on their site.  Is it possible to use 
this driver and if so could someone provide instructions?  Or is there another 
driver available in the installation that work just as well?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Jeff Goodnight
Northland Lutheran School Association
Kansas City, Missouri

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