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Re: [K12OSN] Help with Compaq ML330 G3 install

It's *possible* the driver for 8.0 will work, but perhaps not. We have Compaq ML370 with SmartArray 641 RAID controllers, and RH 7.3 and 8.0 use different versions of the driver.

Make sure you get the driver in a non-rpm file. I had a similar problem with an with a SCSI RAID card: I went to the HP website, but all I was finding was the rpm file for the driver, which, of course, doesn't do any good since the OS wasn't installed yet. I found I had to scroll down further on the web page to find the bare driver, along with the instructions to 'dd if=driver_file of=/dev/fd0' (if you're using a linux box, which I am) to create the driver diskette. I imagine they have instructions for creating the diskette on a Windows box, too.

Once you've created the diskette, boot the machine from the CD, and at the boot: prompt type

linux dd

Somewhere early in the installation process it will ask you if you have a driver diskette, and you say yes, and then it looks in your floppy drive for the driver (make sure you put the floppy disk in before answering the question). It should then be able to find your disk subsystem.


Jeff Goodnight wrote:
I've installed K12LTSP before and never had any issues, but this is my first attempt with a new box. In fact it is working quite well in our mini-labs today.

I'm trying to install K12LTSP 3.1.1 on a new Compaq ML330 G3, but the installation doesn't recognize that any drives are installed. The box has two 80gig Maxtor drives and uses CSB-6 Ultra ATA-100 RAID controller configured as RAID 0. I don't see this controller in the list of available drivers when running the K12LTSP install. HP has a Red Hat Pro 8.0 driver on their site. Is it possible to use this driver and if so could someone provide instructions? Or is there another driver available in the installation that work just as well?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Jeff Goodnight
Northland Lutheran School Association
Kansas City, Missouri

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