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Re: [K12OSN] pcmcia

Peter Smit wrote:

When the laptop boots it wants to start first eth0 an a few seconds
later the pcmcia!

I need to have the pcmcia started first and then eth0.

The proper way to change the order of service starting is in the appropriate /etc/rcN.d directory, where N is the runlevel the machine starts up to - I'll assume you're in runlevel 5 for this discussion.

cd /etc/rc5.d
ls S*

This will provide you a list of all the services that are starting - they start with S. Look for the files that start the network and pcmcia. On my RedHat 8 machine they are:


Issue the following command (still within the /etc/rc5.d dir):

mv S24pcmcia S09pcmcia

This will force pcmcia to start before network. In theory, you could go the opposite route and 'mv S10network S25network', but then you might be starting other network services before the network itself is started, which would fix your pcmcia problems but break others.

Hope this helps!

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