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Re: [K12OSN] using ldap for authorization & authentication

> I have a question for those of you using an ldap directory server for
> your user authentication & authorization: What process do you use when
> setting up new users?  Specifically, now that the user's credentials are
>  stored on a different host, is it a two step process in which you
> create  the ID in the ldap directory, and then go to the machine in
> question and  manually create the user's respective home directory under
> /home?
> Petre

I exported /home from a central server to the other machine(s). There is
also a host attribute that if used will allow autmoatic creation of home
dir's on hosts that the individual user is allowed access to, if you make
the mod's in pam.

I have currently pulled the plug on our LDAP authentication due to some
problems that I was having and until I can get a handle on it we are just
using a central ldap server for an address book and to build user files to
import into webmin.

Michael Williams                         Haywood County Schools
Technology Coordinator            Instructional Technology
http://www.k12linux.org                 (828) 627-8314

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