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[K12OSN] How to make shared folders

I'm trying to figure out how to make a shared folder.
I'm used to Netware where I make a group and then give
folder permissions based on a group or groups. After
that I just add or remove users from the appropriate

I have read
but don't quite understand how it works and how to
implement what it says:

<<quote from URL above>>
F.4.1 Why does Red Hat `adduser' put each user in
his/her own group?

It's called the user group scheme, and it's described
in the manual. What it basically does is allow you to
use groups to allow multiple people to use a common
set of files and edit them, transparently. It goes
like this:

    * You'd like to have a group of people work on a
set of files in say, the ``/usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp''
directory. You trust a few people to mess around in
there, but certainly not everyone.
    * So you do ``chown -R root.emacs
/usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp''. And you add the proper
users to the group.
    * To allow the users to actually create files in
the directory you do ``chmod 775
    * This is fine, but when a user creates a new file
it gets the group of the users default group (usually
    * To prevent this you do `chmod 2775
/usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp' which causes everything in
the directory to get created with the ``emacs'' group.
    * This is fine, but the new file needs to be mode
664 for another user in the emacs group. To do this
you make the default umask 002.
    * Well, this all works good, except that if your
default group is ``users'', every file you create in
your home directory will be writable by everybody in
``users'' (usually everyone).
    * To fix this, you make each user have a ``private
group'' as their default group. 

At this point, by making the default umask 002 and
giving everyone a private default group, you can
easily set up groups which users can take advantage of
without doing any magic. Just create the group, add
the users, and do the above chown and chmod on the
group's directories.

<<end of quote>>

Suppose I want /teachers available to those in the
teachers group to read, write, delte, create, etc. but
I want /teachers/math to only be available to those in
the math-teachers group. How do I set it up so that
both existing files and new files and folders created
by any user in the teachers or math-teachers group are
readable by the whole group. I assume it has something
to do with the mask or something.

I don't mind using the command line. An example will
probably get me going just fine.


David D. Nelson
nelsda yahoo com

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